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We’ve established that you want your crews looking sharp and your brand out there and visible for everyone to see. If you need a quick turnaround for your garments and want a product that will last, consider direct-to-garment printing for your work and office wear.

Direct-to-garment printing, also called digital printing or DTG, uses water-based ink and an inkjet-style printer to print directly on the fabric. This method literally make your logo a part of the fabric: the ink soaks into the fabric, creating a lasting design that won’t crack, peel, fade, or bubble. Unlike screen printing, which layers the colors in passes, DTG printing can print all the colors at once! DTG creates vibrant, multi-colored, eye-catching graphics and is especially good for large designs.

Unlike direct-to-film and embroidery, however, DTG only reliably works on 100% cotton garments. Some printers have success using multi-blend or 50/50 cotton-poly blends, so talk with us if you’re interested in discussing the possibilities with cotton blends. 

If you want a traditional-looking printing style that will remain looking like new even after hundreds of washes, then DTG printing is the best way to go. It’s fast and fairly inexpensive, and we can take graphics in any format for an easy set-up. There’s no prep time like for screen printing and embroidery, and no secondary heat process like DTF. We simply set your image and chosen colors and get printing! 

There are some things to consider with DTG printing, though. As we mentioned above, it only works reliably with 100% cotton fabric. This limits the variety of textiles we can print on. For example, if you only need synthetic safety or reflective gear, then you won’t want DTG. Likewise, if you need hundreds of shirts, the overall costs will be higher than other printing styles. There are also limitations on where you can place your design, so if you want it anywhere besides the front or back, we have other o 

Where DTG printing shines is in the low-cost set-up and fast printing time for small printing runs. If you’re a small business with a colorful, detailed logo, definitely consider DTG for your branded clothing. Want a closer look at what DTG printing can offer your construction or contracting business? Read on!

Direct-To-Garment T-Shirts

Tees are the most commonly requested DTG style as well as the one that consistently yields the best results. After all, t-shirts are simple and versatile. Outdoor crews can layer them easily depending on the weather, and paired with khakis, they provide uniformity and a crisp yet professional look for your in-office staff, too. You can choose from:

  • Long-sleeved t-shirts 
  • Short-sleeved t-shirts
  • Tank-style shirts
  • Long-sleeved Henleys
  • Short-sleeved Henleys
  • Tank-style Henleys 
  • Waffle-knit shirts 

Just be aware that the printing may not be as crisp on waffle-knit or rib-knit shirts due to the peaks and gulleys in the fabric. Also, white and black shirts are a little bit tricky to DTG print, but put your colorful logo on a green, purple, or blue shirt for an eye-catching marketing tool.

Direct-To-Garment Sweatshirts

Sweatshirts and hoodies are a little bit trickier DTG fare than t-shirts. First, they are more likely to be poly-cotton blends, so results will vary. They are, generally, heavier fabric, so the ink may not absorb as well as it does in lighter-weight fabric. You’re additionally limited to certain styles: basic crewneck pullovers, and full-zip, half-zip, and pullover hoodies. Nothing lined or quilted, no fleece fabric. However, if you’re in a climate that supports it, your employees hardly need heavy outerwear or lined garments, anyway.

Direct-To-Garment Office Wear

If you have a colorful, intricate logo, officewear is where direct-to-garment printing really shines. We’ve already erstablished that DTG works best on a variety of cotton, but what does that really mean? It means that you can successfully DTG print on:

  • Ring-spun cotton
  • Combed cotton
  • Combed/ring-spun cotton blend
  • Organic cotton
  • Canvas
  • Linen, hemp, or bamboo, either on its own or blended with cotton or other natural fabrics

This variety gives you endless possibilities to choose from. Linen blend blouses or tunics, denim or chambray work shirts, 100% cotton dress shirts, collared polo shirts, and more: all would look great with either a small over-the-breast or full back logo highlighting your company colors.

Direct-To-Garment Hats

Hats are a necessity, especially for outdoor employees during work hours, but also as a spectacular promotional tool. Everyone wears them at some point or another, from working in the garden to shoveling snow. !00% cotton hats are harder to come by than 100% cotton tees, but we can DTG print on:

  • Baseball caps, 
  • Bucket, sun, or fishing hats
  • Cotton-knit beanies

Direct-to-garment printing on hats can be a colorful way to display some company pride. Because of the low cost, hats are the perfect freebie for your clients or as a corporate giveaway or raffle prize.

In Conclusion

Direct-to-garment printing has its advantages and its downfalls. It works best on predominantly-cotton or other natural fabrics, and shows off multi-color designs amazingly well. If you have a single-colored logo or brand, DTG printing is not the right choice for your garments. Likewise, if you need certain types of safety gear or a large number of garments, then one of our other printing methods is a better and more affordable option.

However, if you are a small operation looking to print a limited number of garments quickly and without set-up fees, give DTG a try. We can work with you to make your logo look exactly how you want, well beyond the color limitations of DTF or screen printing. Call us with questions, concerns, or to learn more about the direct-to-garnent printing method.

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