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Custom Apparel for Construction Crews


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Custom embroidered clothing for your construction or contracting business not only looks smart and ensures that all your crews adequately represent your brand, they are a great advertising tool, too! Embroidery is the most versatile of all the textile printing methods because it is easy to produce on any fabric. Whereas screen, direct-to-film, and direct-to-garment printing work best on tightly-woven cotton fabric, embroidery can be done on any natural or synthetic material. 

We can embroider your logo on everything from workwear basics to industry-specific gear. Once we set up your design, everything is easy. Modern machine embroidery is fast, easy, and, the larger your run the cheaper it is. You get long-lasting branded items that don’t fade like direct-to-garment and direct-to-film printing; in fact, you might eventually find that your garment shows wear while the embroidery remains looking brand-new!

So, what kinds of items can we create with your business’s brand? The sky’s the limit! We’re able to take care of everything from work crew shirts to novelty items and everything in between. Logos can range from small ones on the front or sleeve to large ones covering the back of the garment. We can add your employee’s names, job titles, or anything else you can imagine to keep everyone looking sharp. Read on to learn more about all the possibilities we offer.

Embroidered Outerwear

If you and your crew work in the elements, outerwear is extremely important. We handle a range of outerwear options from fleece vests and jackets to more sturdy work coats, parkas, and windbreakers. We can embroider unlined garments, denim, corduroy, flannel, quilted items, and more. We’ll keep your employees warm and dry in: 

  • Lined and unlined rain gear, including slickers, raincoats, and rain hats
  • Long parkas
  • Waist-length coats
  • Fleece vests
  • Fleece pullovers with and without hoods
  • Half- and full-zip collared or hooded fleece
  • Lined and unlined corduroy work coats

Turn coveted items like a Carhartt coat into a reward for x number of years of service, or arrange for your employees to have their names, job titles, and length of employment added on over time.

Embroidered Headwear

When you think of headwear, you probably go automatically to baseball caps, and your instinct isn’t wrong; ball caps or trucker-style hats are practically made to showcase embroidered designs. But we can also embroider your logo on knitted or fleece hats and ear warmers. Choose from stocking hats, ribbed beanies, cuffed fleece caps, and more. Not only can headwear keep your crews warm and dry on cold days, hats and caps are great giveaways and promotional items, and they are an easy way to get your brand out there for everyone to see..

Embroidered T-Shirts & Hoodies

These are probably your main interest, simply because everyone needs t-shirts for work and what is easier to throw on for a trip to the coffee shop or an early morning dog walk than a hoodie? Your crews will appreciate how easy it becomes to dress for work with a variety of short-sleeved, long-sleeved, and tank-style tees. Other work shirt options include:

  • Long- and short-sleeved Henleys
  • Crew or v-neck cotton
  • Crew or v-neck cotton-poly blend
  • Thermal/waffle-knit heavy-duty or undershirt-style

Hoodies are available in heavyweight and lightweight options, with a variety of features: 

  • Pullover, full-zip, and half-zip openings 
  • Unlined
  • Fleece lined
  • Flannel-lined
  • Thermal-lined

Don’t limit these items to only your employees, either. Family members are some of the best advertising there is, so let husbands, wives, and kids do the hard work for you. If you can’t afford to give away tees or hoodies, offer your employees a discount on branded clothing for their families.

Embroidered Bottoms

You might think, “Why on earth do my employees need embroidered logo pants?” Well, do you require them to wear a certain brand or style of work pants or shorts? Offering the option of logoed bottoms takes a burden off your employees because they have one-stop shopping for all their work-wear needs in addition to ensuring  everyone is dressed properly for safety. You can put your logo on all kinds of pants and shorts:

  • Lined and unlined cargo pants
  • Lined and unlined jeans
  • Ripstop pants/shorts
  • Flannel pants
  • Sweatpants
  • Lined and unlined joggers
  • Lined and unlined leggings
  • Long underwear

This is another area where you can let families and the community advertise on your behalf! Tweens and teens love leggings, joggers, and flannel pants

Embroidered Safety Gear

Contractors and construction crews often work outside of standard business hours, in poor lighting, or in bad conditions. There are a million reasons why you could need to outfit some or all of your employees with safety gear. Whether your crew needs reflective safety vests for work in poor light or high-visibility safety-compliant rainwear for rugged outdoor work in the elements, we’ve got you covered. Work shirts, construction coats, vests, and more come with reflective tape and meet recommended industry safety standards.

Embroidered Business Attire

We fully recognize that not all contracting and construction work happens outdoors. Why not offer a range of business casual options for days when everyone is in the office or working interior jobs? We can adapt your logo to fit:

  • Long and short-sleeved polo shirts
  • Dress shirts
  • Denim, canvas, or cotton long-sleeved “work” shirts
  • Short-sleeved button-down shirts

Embroidered Novelty Items

This is where you get to have fun! So-called novelty items serve no real business purpose except to gain brand recognition and increase your visibility. We can embroider your logo on jerseys for the Little League team you sponsor, or on chambray shirts to commemorate a company service project or staff retreat. Baby onesies and fleece scarves make unique raffel prizes or White Elephant holiday gifts. Instead of rewarding longevity or high performance with a plaque or trophy, consider a customized throw blanket.

In Conclusion

If you only imagine the possibilities of embroidered branding, we can accomplish it for you. Because your needs are wide and varied in the construction and contracting world, we offer extensive customization and branding options. If you have questions, or need to speak with us about an estimate or placing an order, give us a call!

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