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The Best Blank Mesh Shorts for Screen Printing

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In the realm of screen printing, the quality of your base apparel is just as crucial as the ink you choose for your designs. This vital combination is what sets apart a superior product from an average one. For blank mesh shorts, one brand has proven to be a game-changer: Made Blanks. Their Practice Mesh Shorts have quickly become the go-to for screen printers, and with good reason.

A Brief Overview

Made Blanks’ Practice Mesh Shorts are the epitome of quality and functionality. Crafted from a super smooth, heavy 200GSM polyester mesh, these shorts offer a luxurious hand feel that sets them apart from other options in the market.

Distinct Features

What makes these shorts blanks stand out are their unique features. The deep side pockets and a small zipper-enclosed back pocket with a zipper cover add an unmatched level of functionality while maintaining a sleek and comfortable design. The shorts also boast an 8″ inseam and an adjustable waistband, ensuring a versatile fit for all.

A Palette for Your Creativity

Made Blanks offers these mesh shorts in five unique colors, creating an inspiring palette for your screen printing projects. However, if you’re looking for something even more customized, they have you covered. Made Blanks offers a custom dye program with a minimum order quantity (MOQ) of 72, allowing you to dye the blanks to any custom Pantone color. This means you can match your shorts perfectly to your brand colors or any specific design concept.

Screen Printing Mesh Shorts

The heavy 200GSM polyester fabric of Made Blanks’ Practice Mesh Shorts makes them an ideal canvas for screen printing. This material provides a smooth, stable surface for the ink, ensuring a crisp, clear outcome for your designs. Plus, the high-quality fabric ensures that both the shorts and your designs will stand up to wear and tear.

To achieve the best results, using high opacity ink for screen printing on these shorts is recommended. High opacity ink provides vibrant, bold colors that truly pop on the fabric. This type of ink is particularly effective on the Practice Mesh Shorts, as it ensures your designs stand out against the rich colors of the garments.


Made Blanks’ Practice Mesh Shorts tick all the boxes for the ideal blank for screen printing. Their superior fabric, functional design, range of unique colors, and the option for custom dyeing make them an unbeatable choice. Whether you’re a seasoned screen printer or just starting, these shorts can enhance your work, ensuring a stunning outcome with each print.

In conclusion, if you’re in search of the best mesh shorts for screen printing, Made Blanks’ Practice mesh are well worth a closer look. Their blend of quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal, coupled with the potential for personalization, puts them ahead of the competition.

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